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Fic: Time Stands Still: A Joan of Arcadia and Jeremiah Crossover - Prologue
Wishing - Ever After

"Ironically, her internal clock stopped as the world devolved to chaos."

Title: Time Stands Still
Part One: Prologue
Series: To Be Determined
Crossover: Joan of Arcadia and Jeremiah
Author's Note: I've wanted to write this for years. I finally threw the plan out the window and started typing. No, I don't know where it's going anymore! Start 'Time Stands Still'Collapse )

Time Stands Still


'Time, Where Did You Go?'
...Old World Song Lyric

She once told Him that she didn't want to grow up. Ironically, her internal clock stopped as the world devolved to chaos. In retrospect, the war against Ryan Hunter served to exercise her organization and delegation skills more than anything else. Exercise, as in another training exercise to prepare her for the greater Evil soon to be unleashed in the world - something so insidious that without her friends, Joan would have missed it altogether. Hints from Ya-Ya, Him, or not. more 'Time Stands Still'Collapse )

NaNo a Bust
Well, it seem to be for me :0

Bastet - will review your fic soon - been getting over this stupid blahness.

I've looked over the body of work I've produced in the last six years and have not been inspired.

I'll soon post The Sacrifice, originally written in 1994 for Miracles Fandom, less than 1000 words, and in need of a rewrite. Seriously, I need to pick it apart and shove it through the blender.

I need to watch last season's Sactuary. What happened to Ashley? Did something terrible happen to the actress? Was she too pretty? Did she ever come back? Urg! I'm behind.

Also, Dollhouse is cancelled. I finally decided to like it, and now it's day's are numbered. They shouldn't have cancelled SCC.

I shouldn't be complaining about this here, though....


Sanctuary Fic in progress...

This is a new fic I've been working on. I told [info]innogen about it and she nudged me about posting it here. :-) So, here it is. It's not finished yet. I've been struggling a bit. Unfamiliar fandom and unfamiliar time period.

This is set in the Sanctuary universe at the time of The Five in Victorian London.

Working Title - Nikola and the Source Blood



Nkola and the Source BloodCollapse )

NaNoWriMo INSANO Support
Since I always maintained that this area was a process writing area - a support writing group, a safe place to post among friends before posting to the big bad world, for the next few months it seems it will become a NaNoWrMo support group. If you don't want your posts seen by the outside world simply lock them. Don't worry about the people signed up already - they are already writers who have been through everything are another piece of me.

A friend has a word template that has things set up that allows us to type into word so we don't have to change a thing once we dump into the Main site's uh...template. Damn I sound redundant. I am throwing everything into this, this year. I always keep saying I'm going to do it, but this year I committed. ::HeadDesk::

How many of you did I tell you that I have a writing folder of original ideas (forget the fanfic of circular ideas - yeah, the state of my mind most of the time, which I plan on shedding) - since my freshman year of high school?

I want you to post your random fragments, your free writes, whatever comes to mind here. All right. If I see something that seems worth exploring, I will pop up and say, 'HEY!' - what is this! I hope you guys will do the same thing for me.

Remember, 50,000 words can be a compilation of original stories, as well. Hell, who knows, maybe it will be enough for those of you bucking to get into an MFA program, or not. Some care, some don't. I still want a bloody Doctorate, coming from that blasted Pacific Northwest compulsory philosophy where we need education when we don't know what else to do with ourselves, except teach and write.

TEASER: Which Way This Time Goes; or, What Will Happen This Time Around the Bend?
Ever After Spread Your Wings

She wrote a 'Book Blurb', ladies and gentlemen! ::Ha!::


...if I ever get around to writing the story, or story sets, brewing in my brain since last fall, the following serves as a 'book blurb' - hopefully intriguing readers while remaining suitably vague, especially since I have not committed to any real plot yet.

I'm never going to try to translate .pwi files to a desktop computer again - I spent way too much time on it already because I tried to send this out in a PM to about three people. Always so distracted: the reason why I never get anything important done....

Which Way This Time Goes

She must fulfill her destiny - but what personal costs will finally add up as one too many? At what point does her soul grow wings, fleeing her mind's increased numbness as a hole opens within her chest, chilling her compassion degree by degree?

Did Sarah ever consider that she was trying too darn hard? If she doesn't slow down and think before she completely loses her sanity, her humanity, and her capacity to love and trust; more than her soul may be sacrificed to the Fae Courts' cruelty or the Immortals' needless game.

Both worlds will tumble and fall; and with them, the Human world will cease as if it never existed at all.

"It's not fair!"

How can Sarah keep balance when her only previous experience consists of running through a magical Labyrinth so she may right a malicious and thoughtless wish-come-true?

Apparently, this is the exact qualification the job requires....

Peeking over the top of notebook screen. Awaiting Scary Verdict. Poised ready to duck the over-ripe fruit.

Hopefully I will write this, eventually. The story just won't be linear, in any sense of the word.


PS: I promise to reply to my messages very very soon, all right?

Veronica Mars: Rec and Fiction Fragment
I wrote this as an off the cuff review to Can't Let You Go, written the the fabulous Linda06 'Can't Let You Go' is her only Veronica Mars fic posted at, so check it out and give some support for the 'what might have been' Season Four. The story is a Logan/Veronica ship, with the beginnings of an odd Mac/Dick vibe. It's worth checking out for some emotional immersion.

The Fragment:

Please keep in mind that while this may be related to the story I rec'd above, that doesn't mean that this is where it will ultimately end up. Spontaneous writing is actually not so rare for me - unfortunately, I tend to go off in tangents in response to other person's stories instead of whipping up my own.

Desire: I wanted to see a scene where Dick sees Mac interact with Mrs. Sinclair on a girlie-girl basis....

Result: Dick calls Mac's birth Mom 'Satan's Handmaiden's Mother' ....

Dick was thinking, on one of those strange subconscious levels, of course. He didn't know what was going on with him - he liked being single, but at the same time he could see what his friends have had for the last four years, and a part of him really wanted that. Only, he couldn't consciously admit it. He didn't have the motivation for a life, or even the girl to share it with. Well, there was Mac, but she might be dating some teacher, and as much time as they spent together - they sure as heck weren't a couple. But--

Mac - somehow in the back of his mind his subconscious viewed Mac as the Veronica to his Logan (without all the Rich Dude Kryptonite; of course, of course they never really talked about what happened that year the bus crashed and Cassidy jumping. He kept putting that conversation off - it would involve a of vodka, gin, Jack Daniels, and down the line.)

Speaking of Mac; what the hey? A waiter just seated the Mac-ster and Mrs. Sinclair at the corner outdoor café' He would never have seen them if he hadn't seen them standing up. So, when presented with a puzzle, Dick did the only thing he could do: spy - even though Veronica told him the 'subtle' wasn't one of his strongest characteristics.

Situation: Mac having a swanky lunch with Mrs. Sinclair. Mac is telling her how, four or five years ago, Veronica nearly had Madison's new Mercedes cubed, with a bow on top. Mrs. Sinclair is laughing hysterically at this and Dickie's jaw is about to drop - what was so cool about 'subtle' anyway?

"Mac! Dudette, telling in-crowd secrets to Satan's Hand-Maiden's mother --

"I beg your pardon?" But Dick didn't notice the amused smirk behind her protest, nor did he notice the waiter adding another chair, and drink to the table.

"Dick, it's not what--"

"I think you owe an explanation, I'm calling Veronica right this minute-"

This makes both women laugh even more.

"And interrupt my employer's stake-out?" Mrs. Sinclair coolly asked, eyebrow raise.

Mac turned to the older woman, whilst Dick stood gaping, and said, "Or she's probably getting laid. I have it on good authority that second trimester is a real bitch with those hormones."

Mrs. Sinclair started giggling into her drink.

"Chill, Dude! I'm here on legit, and semi-legit business," Mac grinned at Dick, who was still lost in his maze of confusion.

[Veronica has a case where she is proving Mr. Sinclair is stepping out - with Celeste Kane of all people ::snicker:: and Mr. Sinclair is being over-obvious about it, suggesting he wants a divorce. But, Mrs. Sinclair just plans to get the evidence and torment her husband, and perhaps Celeste Kane, who doesn't want to lose her position as ruling Queen of Kane Industries. On the flip side, Jake Kane (via Clarence Weidman) hired Veronica to prove she is having an affair. Yeah, it's all Pot-Kettle-Black, but there it is!]

"Sit down, Dickie!" Mrs. Sinclair ordered him to sit in the MOM voice, which still works on 22 year old surfer dudes. Then she handed him a Cosmo.

"Hey, that's a girlie drink"

"Deal, Dick," says Mac. 'BTW, which daughter is Satan's Hand-Maiden? The oh-so-obvious Madison, which I got the go-ahead to cube her new Jaguar, the shy studious younger sibling, entering High School and already learning Veronica's tricks, or...," Mac paused, winking at Mrs. Sinclair, me, the secret heiress to a lost fortune - wait, is that the plot of National Treasure 3?" Mrs. Sinclair shook her head.


"Dick, the Sinclairs are my birth parents, but you can't tell anyone - at least not until my family moves to Ohio - which I am not! Not moving, it's obvious that I'm not Ohio...,"

"You were going to leave me alone with the PDA junkies and leave me for Ohio?" He whined. Too much information. Way to fast. Were Mac and Madison twin - ewww - maybe Madison was a clone? Wait, that doesn't make sense--

Mrs. Sinclair physically shut Dickie's jaw, "It's all too much for the poor man, I see that now. It's okay to blame Madison." To Dickie she said, "Sorry dear, but you were starting to leak."

"Boys," said Mac.


"Drool, Dick. You're mouth was catching so many flies you were drooling - they must have been yummy," Mac giggled.

"Mac, when I recover my wits--"

"--you have wits?"

"I'm so going to get you. Prepare for the TickleTack!"

"Hey," protested Mac. "Not in front of my client, by proxy anyway, not to mention your possible secret future mother-in-law!'

Dick gulps.


"Have another Cosmo, dear," The waiter refilled his empty martini glass.

Dick has no clue why the two women keep giggling. They were messing with his head, and doing a damn good job! Madison as Mac's evil twin? Right, like that's believable!

DUDE! He's so got to have a Halo competition with Logan to find out just what the heck is going on, because while Veronica Mars might know it all, and Mac may have Neptune wired, Dick's mind just changed residence to Pluto - so not a fun place to be - out in the cold without the 411!.

~end fragment

Fic: Why Rodney McKay's Cat Went To Eureka
Sometime in 2006, cougarcat asked, "Eureka - Why do I think that Rodney McKay's cat lives there?

On 11/03/2007, I answered said question by writing the following in the comments. No beta, but I did some editing as I transferred the story here.

Why Rodney McKay's Cat Went to EurekaCollapse )



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